Image: Our view from the tent Our view from the tent

Stormy conditions
12 Jun, 05 - 06:44    GPS-pos: N66°16' | W041°46' | Alt: 0 M
Cheer up cause it could get worse, and it got worse.

We woke up to the sound of wind and heavy wet snow slowly burrying our tent. The condition could not get much worse; zero visibility, head win and a wet snow leaving an icy surface over everything it touched.

David and I ventured outside to turn the pulks on there side to prevent them from getting wet. Within minutes we were soaked. The decision was quickly made; we would wait for better weather before traveling on.

We slept, read and wrote in or journals most of the day. Just finishing a nice hot soup we are back off to bed dreaming of blue skies and good winds!

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