Image: have you seen my ski pole? have you seen my ski pole?

give back the sun!
13 Jun, 05 - 08:27    GPS-pos: N66°17' | W041°46' | Alt: 2261 M
Sunday ,june 12th
Who stole the sun?!! It's good weather 4 ducks but then Greenland is not really a duck haven, who knows if this continues maybe it will be soon?The last 48 hrs stuck in our nylon box has been like a competition to see who moves the least! Currently Eric has seemed to have that medal tucked away, it has even gotten to the point of placing a piece of paper under his nose to see if he is alive!!Tent fever is defiantly in the air but book swapping and cards has kept it at bay for the moment , but for how long? As we have no sun, charging up our equipment such as the PDA, is very limited , so sadly for now I must sign off!As i go to sleep, Again, my dreams are filled with all you can eat restaurants and blue sky! Anyone with any good weather dances please get those dancing shoes on!!



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