The Seven highest summits on the seven continents are know under the concept: Seven Summits. 7 Summits Aps is a new company which specializes in exclusive Adventure travels.

Owner Henrik Kristiansen, and CEO Soeren Smidt, will travel to the seven continents and climb the seven summits spring 2008 to get first-hand know-how of the climbs and build up relations to local agents.

Henrik Kristiansen is going for a world record on the seven summits.

Trips to the seven summits are available already in spring 2009.

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Nice to be back in Denmark - Guinness Certificate
10 Jul, 08 - 14:00

It is nice to be back in Denmark and familiar surroundings. After five month on the road we were welcomed by an early Danish summer - green trees, mild wind, high sun, and salty smell on the warm sandy beach - that’s life and a contrast to the harsh mountain environment. But no sooner, than we have changed from the claustrophobic sleeping bag to the cosy bedroom and duvet, the thought about the mountains and new dreams start to take shape. Is it going to be kite-skiing from the South Pole, a dap for the North Pole before it disappears, or a trip to the thin air on Gasherbrum II? Possibilities are endless. It’s now one month since Soeren returned from Everest and Henrik came back from the last mountain of the Seven Summits Denali. The project as a whole ended successfully with Henrik scaling the seven summits in record time, 136 days, 20 shorter than the current record, and ...