Henrik Kristiansen
Henrik is a succesfull businessman from the town of Aalborg in Denmark. He works with IT software development and other highly potentional businesses. A first encounter with the mountains was a nearly unsuccesfull climb on Mt. Blanc. The climb was changed into succces, during the course towards the summit, when he had to dig deep and find resources within to get the thing done. Reaping the sweet fruits getting to a summit hard earned, spurred him on to dream about higher goals. The climbing bug had gotten into him.

Kilimanjaro was next and not nearly as good since it didnít demand everything as Mt. Blanc had done. Bigger dreams emerged: Everest? Why not all seven summits on the seven continents and at the same time move into the adventure travel market. Soeren drew a plan for the seven summits project and discussions on how to make the thing happen took shape on the African slopes. The company 7 Summits Aps. was born as combination of entrepreneurship and passion for the mountains.

Since then Henrik has stayed on a tight training regime, educating himself in basic- and advanced rockclimbing, rescue-techniques, and snow- and ice-techniques. Finally he put the aquired skills to a test on a "alpine style" Mt. Blanc ascent, Chamonix valley-summit-valley, with out use of telepheriques, trams, and huts. To crown his efforts, and prepare for the cold on winter spells in high peaks, he undertook a week long journey in Swedens Kebnekaise area wintertime on skis and snowshoes pulling a sleede.

The tour of the seven summits begin with Vinson on Antartica in january 2008, moving on to Aconcagua, Kosciuszko, Kilimanjaro, Carstensz, Elbrus, Denali, and finally Everest in may 2008.

Henrik is 43 years old entrepreneur and "business angle". He is educated as an electronic technician. He lives together with his wife Lone and their two children Kasper 18 and Julie 11.