January 23, 2006

Long days spent in the tents have provided us with the opportunity to expand our intellects and broaden our literary horizons through reading (no fluff or junk, of course!). Listed below are the major books people have been reading, including recommended reads and skips. You’ll see many of our names next to some titles, as we did a good deal of swapping around! Look further down to see our list of games and movies, we’re full technocrats around here.

Books we recommend:
Mike K.: “The Last Place on Earth,” by Roland Huntford,
(Originally published as “Scott and Amundsen”)
Shaun – “Origin and Significance of Antarctic Meteorites” - R. Harvey (he’d better recommend this!)
Mike R. – “Last Memoir of Scott”
Oz, Marie – “Shackleton’s Forgotten Men” – L. Bickell
Shaun – “Innocents on the Ice” – Behrendtsen
Joe – “From Scott to Fuchs” – G. Bowman
Jani, Marie, Mike R.: “Endurance – Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage” – A. Lansing
Oz, Marie – “The Great White South” – H. Punting
Mike R. – “The Worst Journey in the World” - Gerrard
Jani – “Meteorites in Thin Section” – Lauretta and Kilgore

Jani, Marie – “High Fidelity” – Nick Hornby
Marie – “The Russia House” – J. LeCarre
Oz – “Island of the Blessed” – H. Thurston
Joe – “The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol IIA”
Ben – “Point of Impact” – S. Hunter
Oz – “Eiger Dreams” – J. Krakauer
Jani – “A Confederacy of Dunces” – J. K. Toole
Shaun, Mike K. – “Motorola Iridium Phone user’s guide”
Shaun – “Bombardier Skidoo Skandic parts list 2003”
Jani – “Space” – J. Michener
Joe – “Hoyle’s rules of games”
Shaun – “Rules of Scrabble” and “Scrabble Dictionary”
Marie – “Aventyri Tinna” - Herge
Joe – “Lord Foul’s Bane” – S. Donaldson
Shaun – “Maiden Voyages” – M. Morris, ed.
Joe – “The Illearth War” – S. Donaldson

Books we recommend skipping:

Oz – “The Ice” – S. Payne (sort of interesting, but long)

Mike K. – “The Death Crystal,” by J. Edward Ames.
Jani – “Into the Wild” – J. Krakauer (good, but a little bit of a downer)

Games, Movies, etc!

Shaun, Joe, Marie, Jani – Cribbage
Whole camp – Scrabble
Mike, Mike, Ben, Oz – Harts
Ben – PSP, Civ III
Ben, Oz, Mike, Mike – “Rome” (HBO-BBC series)
Mike K. – “Devil Girl from Mars”
Jani, Marie – “Armageddon”
Joe, Shaun – “Apocalypse Now”
Whole camp – “The Thing” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Jani Radebaugh and Marie Keiding

[This list was originally provided to me on or about January 9, 2006. I held off posting it because I hoped to add the Recky Team list. Unfortunately, I never received that information. I apologize for the delay. – Mike K.]

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