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Whisky levels dangerously low
29 March, 2006    85.0166N, 75.8500W
Monday was spent resting bodies and repairing equipment, especially Conrad's sled that needed major surgery to hold it together. Tuesday presented no major obstacles and we made 8½ nautical miles north until we came to a 100-metre open water lead where we saw a seal. We camped next to the lead and crossed it this morning when it had frozen hard.

Our ONLY luxury, the whisky, is dangerously low, but apart from the whisky all other spirits are high. This afternoon we crossed a lead that was actually closing as we crossed it and pushing one layer of ice over another at about 1 foot per minute combined with loud creaking sounds.

We ended the day with two pieces of chocolate to celebrate crossing the 85th degree and also achieving our best mileage to date of 9.8 nautical miles.

To reach the pole by our pickup deadline we have to cover an average of 10 nautical miles per day for the next 31 days.

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