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Image: A well deserved break! A well deserved break!

Cravings for pure butter
2 April, 2006    85.6500N, 78.5000W
A clear sign that we are working hard is that we are each consuming 7000 calories a day & still tightening our waist bands a notch or two!! Our diet consists of pasta and pemmican. The pemmican is a mixture of suet, ground meat and wheat grain, based on an ancient Antarctic recipe for SLEDGE DOGS! Our pemmican mix was made more palatable by a French chef.

During the day for our 3 breaks we eat high fat raw bacon, nuts and an aptly named "Zero" chocolate bar (best eaten cold!). We also eat our special secret recipe chocolate truffles that give off 700 calories each.

For fibre we use a powder that expands alarmingly when mixed with water and is designed for old people (very appropriate for us!). Although the label warns of possible choking if eaten dry, it seems to do what fibre is meant to do. The most disturbing factor of our diet is that both Richard & I crave our 125 grams of pure butter eaten neat daily.

To aid digestion and help the body transfer the fat content to energy we are taking an enzyme called Lipase. The evening cocktail of hot whole milk and maple sugar is a well looked forward to treat. Tomorrow marks the end of our high-octane whiskey.

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