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Sun, moon and blizzards.
13 April, 2006    87.3667N, 81.5167W
We had a 24 hour blizzard yesterday, which forced us to spend the day in the tent. It was so strong that it was blowing the shovel out of our hands as we tried to build a wall to protect the tent.The blizzard died dramatically last night and, so as not to waste any time, we travelled for 11 hours during the night, gaining 13.8 nautical miles.

Today marks the full moon, that greatly affects the tides of the Arctic ocean and creates hundreds of open water leads and pressure ridges, which have to be crossed. We had one exciting crossing, where the banks were moving in opposite directions quite quickly and the ice rubble, that we were using as a bridge, was crumbling around us. Our day ended with no wind and bright sunshine - such great contrasts during 24 hours in the Arctic.

Both our faces are swelling with the sun, wind and cold; so we have made face masks out of spare material to protect ourselves. Only 158 miles to go!

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