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Rest and repair    15 March, 2006
As per our scheduled programme today is a rest and repair day. We repaired two broken snowshoes and one of my two broken sleds with a large piece of wire. The terrain and extreme cold of -40ºC is


Spirits are high    13 March, 2006
Eventually the ice conditions are slowly improving from the constant ice rubble that we've had for the last seven days. My sledge is giving me a little concern when we wire up the holes most morni

Minor issues    9 March, 2006
It’s the evening of the 9th March. We achieved 2.6 nautical miles north in 7.5 hours through very testing ice rubble, with us again having to carry one pulk at a time through the tricky sections


Very hard going through ice rubble    8 March, 2006 - 01:56

Today we struggled for 7 hours and only gained 1 1/2 miles north! The main problem was the terrain, which was ice rubble, with blocks of ice up to a metre square. We had to ferry the sleds one at


Expedition has started!    7 March, 2006

Arrived to Ward Hunt Island on the afternoon of the 4th March and carried the equipment and dog food for another expedition to the hut used by Ranulph Fiennes on his North Pole attempt. The next


A step nearer the start...    2 March, 2006 - 17:26

Dodging incredibly mild weather and blizzards we finally departed Iqualuit on 28 February and arrived in Resolute (pop 250) to await our flight on to our start point.
Hoping to fly the next m


TRAINING FINISHED    26 February, 2006

Well we have finished our cold weather training in Iqualuit and tomorrow we fly north to Resolute where we will get a charter flight to our start point (Ward Hunt Island...most northern point of


Testing new tent    22 February, 2006 - 23:13

Well, today was our photo day. We ventured into the rough ice and tried to get as many different photos and video footage as possible. The reason for choosing today as the photo day was because

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