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April 16    GPS-pos: N29°15' | E088°50' | Alt: 3750 M
Excitement, anxiety, a rush of adrenaline flows through my veins as I head out of my hotel. It is 06:45 and although I am running an hour later than planned, I am absolutely ready to get into the last thousand with only one thing in mind: To finish what I started. The town's streets lit up only by a filling moon only enhanced my previously described feelings; the few devotees rolling their prayer wheels under the moonlight and the many students revising their lessons before the day began gave me nothing but joy as I was leaving this town with smiles and 'tashideleks.' Being smiled and greeted at as I walked away of town but into the rest of my journey felt like a new and promising beginning. 'Ready' never felt more right. It never did. Ready. Ready never did. Because at 07:10, as I was living the joyoust moment for the past month, what I never conceived could happen simply did. No warnings, no clues, just like a pigeon releasing over your head on your way to meet your future in-laws for the first time I felt a sharp pain on the lower front of my right leg. Similar area as that on my left. I felt gutted. I could not bare another sprain only days after getting almost over the tendonitis. And this time without any obvious motive. I was angry. Why did this have to keep happening when I have been only careful and doing things right? I was tired. I just want to get on with this walk for once and for all. I was upset. I was fed up, I was angry, angry, angry and completely annoyed and tired of having injuries that stop me from completion. Is it that the lack of proper food added to the hard work have left me prone to get injuries? Why? Why? Why? Why? Annoyed, angry and very upset and frustrated but knowing that from here onwards I had no place to rest properly should this pain worsen, I decided to walk back the 2.5km to my hotel room and without hitting the walls as I would surely injure myself again, release some anger before thinking about what and why had just happened. My positive essoterism suggests that it wasn't yet time to leave. Nain only left the capital on his way out in April.

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