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April 8    GPS-pos: N29°15' | E088°52' | Alt: 3702 M
Eight kilometers was the mark to beat today. Eight kilometers more and I would have completed the 96 to Shigatse that had been weighing on my conscience since I came to get that scan. Normally I would not allow myself to stop for the day if I know there is a proper town with proper food at less than 10k away; but on this particular section I do not take anything normally. Last night I simply felt that my leg had done enough already and needed to rest for the day despite having the end of this section so very close. Besides, what is an extra day on the road compared to a month in a hotel room? I understand that now. Despite being only eight the kilometers I had to do, I still had an early start as I did look forward to warm rice, a warm shower and many very cold drinks. The days out here are still terribly hot and the last thing you dream of is the hot tea or hot water you get in restaurants. Although a hot drink is still good even in summer, it was a cold one what I looked forward to as my legs sweated those scorching eight. There is a rambla (beach-type road) being built by the Tsangpo on the northern edge of town, which will no doubt be the place to hang out once its finished. Overlooking the mountains across the river and with the option of laying on the sand, next summer will surely have this place crowded with couples sipping their cold drinks. The Tibet we rarely see.

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