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Run Forest, run!
April 11    
Having made it into town without much discomfort on my leg but aware of the fact that it is still not fully healed, I keep treating it with caution and await for some pain relief patches to arrive before setting off again. The patches are supposed to have arrived in the country today and should be with me tomorrow or the day after. Then I can leave again, walk the remaining 1,000+ km and wrap this journey up. Today, after thinking I had forgotten my vest in a restaurant, did my first little run since the injury appeared. When I realized I was running, I smiled a silly smile and like little Forest in slow motion gained speed and freedom; my imaginary braces broke as my deprived legs recovered their full range of motion. I could see the green fields ahead of me and heard a voice behind me shouting 'run Forest, run' and so I ran; I ran as fast and far as I could as though it was really my legs in charge and not me; but contrary to little Forest no one was chasing after me; and although I could still hear that voice saying 'run Forest, run...,' my name is not Forest. So I stopped running. I did not want to risk it even if it did cross my mind to keep on going till I got tired... but I smiled noticing that it hadn't hurt even a bit. We are definitely on the way to recovery!

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