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Gentian Pond Shelter
27 Jun, 05 - 22:00    4427.105N,7104.154W,664M
The Whites were indescribable. Hiking through the Presidentials was definitely one of the highlights of the entire trail. We had absolutely gorgeous weather through the entire range - even on Washington it was sunshine and clear skies; although the wind was gusting at around 40 miles an hour the whole time we were above treeline. I used up two disposable cameras in three days. The AMC huts were ridiculously expensive, but me and some of the other guys worked out a way to do chores for room and board - although we did end up stacking wood for two hours in 90 degree heat with a good size swarm of black flies. The weather has been a little crazy - one night I froze, the next day it was in the upper 90s. We even had a few days in the 100s. I finally saw a moose too - I've been seeing signs of them since Vermont. I'm only 4 miles from Maine tonight and less than 300 from Katahdin. I have been hiking much slower lately, partially due to the terrain, and also the heat; I figure I've got a little over two weeks left. I can't believe it. "keep on rollin' just a mile to go; keep on rollin' my old buddy your movin' much too slow." Grateful Dead

1886.5 miles behind and 286 to go!

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Franconia Notch, NH    21 Jun, 05 - 23:20
People weren't joking about the Whites - I've had some of the hardest climbing of the trip, but for some reason I really don't mind it - the views are beyond description. Up here, treeline


Lyme-Dorchester Road, NH    June 18, 2005 9:00 pm
New Hampshire! Only two states and almost 400 miles left. I'll admit it, I am very glad to be out of Vermont. I haven't seen the sun since we got into that state, and today it popped out for t

Manchester Center, VT    June 12, 2005 10:45
Zero day! After a 30 mile day into town, watching game 2 of the NBA finals, a par 3 golf course, a tennis court, and an indoor swimming pool at our hotel is just waay too good to pass up. Me, Deisel,

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