Image: view from the sugarshack view from the sugarshack
Image: i had to hold onto the sign to keep from getting blown over i had to hold onto the sign to keep from getting blown over

Sugarloaf Mountain
2 Jul, 05 - 20:48    4501.908N,7018.789W,1286M
The sign welcoming us to Maine definitely got it right: "Welcome to Maine, the way life should be." Its been incredible so far, sandy bottom lakes, beautiful alpine forest, and plenty of summits above treeline. This is the most secluded I've felt in quite a while; its really nice to be in the wilderness and look out at nothing but trees, lakes, and mountains. The trail since New Hampshire has stayed pretty tough; I'm really glad I've been practicing this hiking stuff for four months, otherwise I'd be dying on these mountains - to tell the truth I still am. We've been running into a whole bunch of southbounders recently. Its eerie to see these folks just beginning the trip; I can't believe I was in their shoes once - Springer really seems like a lifetime ago. Tonight me and Diesel are staying in an abandoned ski resort building; we're just sleeping on picnic tables, but its at the summit of the second tallest mountain in Maine (Katahdin's the tallest) and its got 360 degree views. We're just going to sit here eating our delicious Lipton noodles, listening to the wind try to rip the building apart, and watching the sun set over all of Maine sprawled out below us. We're under 200 miles to Katahdin...10 days. I've been out here for 4 months and 4 days, and I'm looking forward to home, but Maine's prooving to be a heck of a grand finale and I know I'm going to miss the trail. "oh Mississippi she's callin' my name." -Doobie Brothers

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