Image: me 'n diesel enjoying the view from bigeleow's west peak me 'n diesel enjoying the view from bigeleow's west peak
Image: pretty lake pretty lake

Monson, ME
7 Jul, 05 - 08:35    4517218N,6930.072,262M
I can't believe I'm in my last town. Monson is 114 miles from the top of Katahdin, and me and Diesel are headin' out this morning with a 4 day plan to get to the base of Katahdin, and then to summit on July 11th. Maine has been absolutely amazing. We caught three sunsets in a row from the tops of two mountains and another from a shelter that was situated right on a lake. We're entering the "100 mile wilderness" this morning, which is a stretch of pretty much nothing except mountains, lakes, and mosquitoes. I've taken the ultralight backpacking approach even farther - my pack has been pretty light recently anyway, mostly due to me not caring about leaving behind quite a few "essential" pieces of equipment - but at this point my base weight could very well be under 10 lbs. Until recently, we've been able to rock-hop all the fords in NH and ME, but the last several have been running too deep or fast for that, so we usually end up hiking w/ soggy feet. There was one river, the Kennebec, that acutally had a ferryman and a canoe to take us across. Well, I really can't believe that in 5 days it will all be over, I can't believe that I've hiked almost 2100 miles, and I can barely imagine what its going to be like back home. I've been doing the same thing every single day since February 28, and its been anything but monotonous, but I honestly can't wait to sit on a couch with my friends, drink an ice cold coca cola, eat as much delicious food as I can stomach, and fall asleep every night to sportscenter. I can't wait to sleep soundly at night in my own soft bed with pillows and not be kept awake by mosquitos biting my face and buzzing in my ears all night. Its been the trip of a lifetime and an absolutely amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world, but I'm really looking forward to being home. "Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip its been" -Grateful Dead

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Sugarloaf Mountain    2 Jul, 05 - 20:48
The sign welcoming us to Maine definitely got it right: "Welcome to Maine, the way life should be." Its been incredible so far, sandy bottom lakes, beautiful alpine forest, and plenty of summi


Gentian Pond Shelter    27 Jun, 05 - 22:00
The Whites were indescribable. Hiking through the Presidentials was definitely one of the highlights of the entire trail. We had absolutely gorgeous weather through the entire range - even on Washingt

Franconia Notch, NH    21 Jun, 05 - 23:20
People weren't joking about the Whites - I've had some of the hardest climbing of the trip, but for some reason I really don't mind it - the views are beyond description. Up here, treeline

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