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Image: Nirvana at the dock in Newport Nirvana at the dock in Newport

18 Jun, 04 - 10:26    
Our start will be at 1:10 pm today. The start line is out by the mouth of the harbor.

Crew is made up of:

Charlie Kiefer, Skipper
David Kiefer, Navigator
Kevin Richardson, Cook
James Richardson, First Mate (Kevin's brother)
(Three members of the Crowell family)
Michael Crowell
Anne Crowell
David Crowell
Mikael Jacobson
Michael 'Charles' Brown
Gary Swain
Scott Loomis
Caroline Ross
Stephen Mills
Dale Harper
Steven Crombie, Jr
Greg Batty
Barry McKinnon
Sharon Seymour
Dan Morrison, Jr.

Previous Dispatches

Scramble to Get Ready    18 Jun, 04 - 9:06
Gary Swain below decks as the crew prepares to race.

Position (UTM)
N 41.48491
W 071.31779

Race Morning June 18    18 Jun, 04 - 9:00 am
Just had a quick breakfast and now everyone is getting ready. Greasing grinder gears, laying out lines and stowing equipment.

1996 Nirvana    June 17, 2004
The race where Nirvana set a record from the official race web site www.bermudarace.com

Nirvana, a maxi boat, sailed west to avoid the unfavorable side of a warm eddy then headed southeast in

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