Image: The group celebrates the return to base. The group celebrates the return to base.

10 December 2004
We're back! In an unprecedented move we have come down from Camp 3 to basecamp and almost immediately boarded a Twin Otter aircraft to Patriot Hills. Shortly afterwards we boarded the flight back to Punta Arenas in Chile arriving around 11am.

We are all a little tired but very elated to be back having had such an enjoyable expedition that had lots of highlights with a fun team. One cannot resist the indelible emotions that Antarctica conjures inside, it is such a powerful and special part of this world.

So thanks to you all for following our progress and please check in for the dispatches from our next expedition to Aconcagua starting on December 29.

With love from Antarctica, this is John, Andy, Kat, Rob, Annabelle, Hamish, Luis and Guy, signing off.

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Yes, we did it. Antarctica turned on a beautiful day and we were fortunate enough to all enjoy the vistas on a virtually windless day.

It wasn't an ordinary summit day,

7 December 2004   
Tonight we rocked into Camp 3 at 7.30pm after a 5.5 hour climb with heavy packs. As we crested the headwall section of the climb the views opened up out over the polar plateau, it really is a special

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