Image: Farewell at Base Camp Helipad Farewell at Base Camp Helipad

1 June 2005    
On May 30th, all members returned safely to base camp. Noticeable to all was the significant impact three days of hot weather and melting had effected on the teetering seracs of the icefall. Indeed, collapses were happening around us as we descended. The 'popcorn' section was far more airy. Also, of note was the lack of maintenance in the icefall; ladders that had needed repairing three days earlier had not been touched. Consequently, there were some rather precarious ladder crossings! Needless to say we were all relieved to see the back of the icefall.

Having said that I am very conscious that our climbing sherpas have many trips to make through the icefall in the next couple of days. Our expedition will not be 'home free' until this task has been completed.

Yesterday, 31 May, Rob Hart, Rob Follows, Dan, Matt, Phil and Luis flew from BC to Kathmandu on a Russian MI 17 helicopter. Paul began a three day return trek with several porters. In addition 10 yaks headed down valley with equipment.

Our main contingent of yaks is due to arrive on the 2nd and on the third our base camp will be dismantled and the return trek begun.

This will be the final dispatch from the Adventure Consultants 2005 Everest expedition. The spring of 2005 will be remembered by all expeditions as a very tough one. Unrelenting wind and no obvious summit windows. From candid conversations I have had with friends in the past couple of days I know that climbers who did summit pushed through some very rough conditions. While it is unfortunate we did not summit I value the safety of members foremost.

Thankyou to our interested audience of dispatch readers and well wishers. Please follow along on future trips.

Mike Roberts

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