Image: Matt Kitchin focused on a ladder crossing Matt Kitchin focused on a ladder crossing
Image: Clouds swirl over Lhotse Clouds swirl over Lhotse

Spectacular Clouds Enroute to Camp 2
27 May 2005    
This morning at camp 1 we awoke to a spectacular SW surgence of the jet stream. An ever-changing cascade of high speed wind clouds danced and swirled over the summits of Lhotse and Everest. It really was quite an exhilarating day to be walking up the Western Cwn. With the wind blowing we watched an ethereal water vapor concert taking place on the highest stadium of planet earth. On arriving at C2 our cooks Zangbu and Lhapke served us some great fare. Even Dan, renowned for his culinary particularness relished his lunch.

Camp 2 is bustling with a multitude of climbing teams poised to head to the summit. A summit day rope fixing consortium delayed their departure from camp 2 to camp 3 due to the high winds.

Tomorrow we have decided to take a rest day at camp 2. Overall, our strategy is a day by day assessment of weather and conditions.

This is Mike for the AC Team

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