Image: Licorice monster unleashed! Licorice monster unleashed!

Licorice monster released
28 May 2005    
Last night calm descended over camp two. For a number of hours before, we could hear the constant roar of wind swirling around the summit. Then the calm gave way to sheets of lightning, claps of thunder and snow. Luis got up and disconnected our radio and electronics. The storm lasted two hours, then thunder, lightning gave way to the roar of winds aloft again.

Dawn came clear and cold, and a line of climbers could be seen moving towards the Lhotse Face, enroute to camp three. We need to see a more promising forecast to start our summit bid. The punishing winds have still prevented any movement or fixing of rope above the Balcony [8450m].

All members are resting well at camp 2, eating, reading and playing cards. Our only hope is for the weather to start playing ball with us.

On a lighter note, Matt, in a moment of boredom, explored an alternative to eating our large supplies of liquorice.

Paul Rogers

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You couldn't see members for glacial dust a

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