Image: The Precarious summit... The Precarious summit...
Image: Me [at bottom of pic] approaching the summit. Me [at bottom of pic] approaching the summit.
Image: Negotiating the 3rd Negotiating the 3rd "step"

More pics at last. last some more high altitude pics.

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Summit photos - Gallery   
Hi all,
Just a few more photos - views and summit pyramid. Unfortunately my video clips are simply too large for upload - some are 65mb etc. There will be many more photos to follow over time. The


Summit Day Gallery [More to come]   
Hi all,
Here are some of the pictures from my summit day [approx 7am - 4th June 2005]. There are a few stills, including the two "banner" photos on the top, plus the video I took, just aft

Made it ! - 4/6 success.   
Hi all,
I?m very pleased to report that I summitted Mount Everest, yesterday the 4th June, at approximately 7am [exact time to be confirmed on the website in due course].

As I men

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