Image: Guy and Luis looking for land Guy and Luis looking for land
Image: planning landfall planning landfall
Image: Drake Passage sunset Drake Passage sunset

On the lookout for land
8 February 2006    
Day 4 at sea....(always wanted to say that), we are all still holding up, but signs that we are fast approaching our destination are becoming more apparent. At night inside our rooms, heavy condensation from the low temperature outside begins to run down the walls. Sitting outside is not such a pleasant proposition as icy spray comes over the cockpit, and ice forms in the rigging here and there.

According to our maps, and our gps, we should be making landfall sometime later this evening. Then the real fun begins! We then need to try and find a suitably sheltered cove to anchor, then switch gears and start sorting skis and climbing equipment for the ride in the little zodiac boats to the shore!

When I stop and think about where we are and what we are about to do, in an age where most exploration is neatly packaged, we are about to journey to the end of the earth. The old maps used to say for uncharted corners, "there be dragons". Its time to go pay them a visit.

Luis and crew

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