Image: Negotiating brash ice Negotiating brash ice

Wiencke Island
9 February 2006    
I awoke at 5am to the sound of the anchor being raised only inches from my cosy bunk. In shifting mist Steve maneuvered the Evohe into the Gerlache Strait. Not long into the journey we were joined by a pod of Humpback whales feeding on krill which caused more than a little excitement for us here on the Evohe! Navigating the Evohe through ice bergs and narrow channels, Steve brought us into the Newmayer Channel with Wiencke Is on our left and Anvers Is to our right. As I write this we are about to enter Pt Lockroy and our first landing on the peninsula. Lots to do and see so check in later for our next report.

Best wishes to you all from Guy et al.

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