Image: Mark taking the gear ashore Mark taking the gear ashore
Image: Mark, Rewa, Andrew and Dan on the summit of Mt Lopez Mark, Rewa, Andrew and Dan on the summit of Mt Lopez

Wicked Day Climbing and Skiing!
10 February 2006    
Yesterday when we got into Port Lockory we sorted all the gear and headed straight onto shore in the zodiacs. The afternoon was spent practicing crevasse rescue and then a short ski tour and snow shoe walk up onto the glacier. Skiing back down there was a humpback whale surfacing in the bay and penguins hanging out on the shore. Pretty outstanding stuff! It was pretty late when we got back to our floating palace, the Evohe and an amazing home cooked meal.

Today we split into three groups, a snow shoe, a ski and a climbing group. I took the ski group and toured up to near the summit of Mt Lopez (525m) on Doumer Island. We pushed on through rain and strong winds and summited in clearing weather with exceptional views in all directions of amazing glaciers, snow capped peaks and ocean views with ice bergs floating aimlessly around. Luis also summit Mt Lopez with the snow shoe group a few minutes later.
Guy took a group up Jabet Peak just above our boat mooring. They climbed steep and sometimes rotten snow to another amazing summit.
Tonight we are having a nice malbec with another tasty meal and enjoying sharing tales from the days adventures!
Till tomorrow, Mark Sedon

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