Live in the Drake
28 February 2006    
A rocky and rolling night saw few with a decent nights sleep. The 40 knots and rough seas threw the Evohe around during the night and we all wedged ourselves between safety sheets and the boat walls with all our spare clothes and gear.
Today the sea eased as well as the winds, to about 30 knots and it has been slowly turning through south to westerly. We are unable to download another weather forecast as yet so if tomorrow brings northerly quarter winds our present fast progress might be slowed somewhat.
But we are under full sail at last. For the first time we have raised the main sail, which brings our sails total to three.
Just now we all rushed outside to watch a massive pod of Long Finned Pilot Whales and Dolphins as they tried to keep up with us, jumping and racing along side of us.
As curious of us as we were of them.
Other than that we are sleeping, eating, chatting and watching movies. We hope to make landfall by tomorrow afternoon, weather permitting of course…….
Bye for now,

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