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Happy Halloween!
31 October 2004    
We know it is an American holiday, so we will try to do some trick or treating up here with the other teams. This year has been one of more tricks than treats. Rumors of people using other team's food, fuel, tents, even sleeping bags are keeping us wary of our equipment stored up high. Some people showed up with pretty much nothing, relying on others generosity to survive up high.
Another development in our team has been the loss of 2 members, Jan and Phil. Both are doing fine back at basecamp, and send their love back home. Phil has a cough that won't quit, and Jan felt like she gave it all she had on the way to C2 yesterday. Difficult decisions to be sure, but the right ones for their health and well being. They have chosen to remain at basecamp as our support team and they have promised not to drink all the wine. Just heard from team 1 on the radio that they are doing fine and moving well towards C2, the push is on!

Stay tuned for the next few days as they will prove to be interesting!

Luis and crew

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