Up, up, and awaaay    1 November 2004
Welcome one and all to the wildest show on earth, alpine climbing, Himalayas style! The Adventure Consultants team is in full groove mode now, and the summit pushes are underway!
Team one led by P

Happy Halloween!    31 October 2004
We know it is an American holiday, so we will try to do some trick or treating up here with the other teams. This year has been one of more tricks than treats. Rumors of people using other team's

Carry towards Camp 2    30 October 2004
Today was hard work for part of the team, carrying a load up Ama Dablam's fantastically exposed rocky ridge between camp 1 and 2.
The other half consisting of Paul, Andy, Rob, Jo and Hamish r

Camp 1    29 October 2004
Hello everyone from high on Ama Dablam's flanks, at Camp 1. Tonight's camp will be our highest yet as we progressively work our way up the mountain. A few headaches, nausea, the usual altitude

Yak Camp    28 October 2004
Good afternoon everyone and Namaste from ABC, or Yak Camp, on Ama Dablam.
As I write this dispatch the other team members are settling into their tents at our highest camp so far. It's a nice

Island Peakers reporting in by phone    27 Oct 2004
Hello this is the Island Peakers on the 27th October 2004. A change around today with those who had a rest day yesterday making it up to Gorak Shep. Just as spectacular scenery though, with a cold hea

Rest Day    27 October 2004
This morning we awoke to a beautiful clear morning and 1-2cms of snow. The day's been spent showering, eating and making final preparations for our attempt on the mountain.
Wish us well, tomor

Carry to ABC    26 October 2004
It's mid afternoon and we've just returned from our carry to ABC, or Yak camp. The day started clear but on our descent we walked into a mild snow storm. Now at basecamp the light snow continu

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