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    Question - "What does having a dream mean to you?"
    Answer - "A dream is a goal glimmering in the distance; it is an inner calling which, when accomplished,
    serves as the rite of passage into wisdom." Erden Eruç - Sep 17, 2004

    Image: Collecting rain water... Collecting rain water...

    Moving two steps forward, one step back...
    October 24, 2007 - Day 107    7.3865N,153.6903W
    The condition of my neck is improving. The symptoms are reduced to a spot of dull burning ache right on my cervical spine, which sometimes gets worse and feels bigger than it is. The soft collar neck brace definitely did the trick, and with some creative use of the Night Care Pillow, I wake up rested and limber. As I stay upright during the day, the base of my neck where the pain is, tires just carrying the weight of my head, and tightens. It will take another week to ten days for this to go away.

    Yesterday, I woke up with day break, and rowed with East winds until early afternoon, again under heavy rain. When the rain stopped for a while, I took advantage of that time to heat water for a late lunch. As the Mountain House meal soaked in its pouch with the boiled water, I let it sit and cool down. I placed the soft collar around my neck, gently raising my chin and stretching my neck. I laid back in the cabin, eyes closed, feeling the swaying of the boat on the ligaments and tight muscles between my cervical vertebrae.

    I ended up taking a sugar nap for 15 minutes, rising to remove the collar, again pain free. Soon after I returned to row, the wind turned to ENE and stayed there. I took the wind on my port rear, and my course made good showed southerly progress. The counter current was steepening my drop south, which was fine by me. I kept rowing into the night, another four hours past sunset.

    There was cloud cover above me, yet the almost full moon behind them was creating a glow which helped me see around. The tips of my oars were flaring up with bioluminescence, phophorescent life forms which give off a green light when excited. While returning to the catch (position with legs bent, arms forward, just before the blades enter the water again), green glow dripped off my blade tips like paint off a painter's brush. When I pulled the oars, it was as if sparks flew off my oar blades. I was leaving a glowing eddie in the water where the blade hit, which diminished in the distance as my boat moved... I left behind, pairs of glowing puddles on either side of my boat.

    I stopped for a nap, waking up three hours before sunrise, to a significantly darker night. The moon was setting behind the clouds. The rowing was easy until the wind turned to my SE, eventually to my south. My option then was to keep rowing west, but the boat rocked too much with the beam on waves, so I set out the para-anchor. I removed the mattress cushion right by the cabin door, entered inside, leaving my drenched clothes outside; I sat legs crossed on the hard cabin floor, with the cabin door ajar and now facing the wind, letting the breeze run past my skin and the cabin. I had dried before I laid back, wanting my rest.

    Outside, I had set out a paint bucket and a jug with a funnel, to collect rain water, just in case. I made two gallons of potable water two days ago using the desalinator, but I cannot afford to spend battery power any more until some serious sun happens. I have to get creative -- the water collected in the footwell works well for rinsing the laundry, for example...


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