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    Question - "What does having a dream mean to you?"
    Answer - "A dream is a goal glimmering in the distance; it is an inner calling which, when accomplished,
    serves as the rite of passage into wisdom." Erden Eruç - Sep 17, 2004

    Audio Dispatch - trying to exit the Caribbean
    25 April 2012    19.7998N,82.5608W
    Audio dispatch has been posted

    Previous Dispatches

    Crossed another antipode...    21 April 2012
    Dear friends and supporters,

    Today Erden crossed yet another antipode on his human powered circumnavigation of the globe. He is now just 155 NM south of Cabo San Antonio, at the west end o

    Technical Difficulties Continue...    12 April 2012
    Dear friends and supporters,

    Erden continues to have technical issues with his equipment and so is unable to post dispatches. We will be periodically updating you on his progress, and are

    Rowing on the Caribbean...    April 2, 2012 - Day 12
    Apologies for keeping you wondering but technical troubles are keeping me from dispatching and reliably emailing. I began having communication troubles soon after my launch from Carupano. My connectio

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