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    Question - "What does having a dream mean to you?"
    Answer - "A dream is a goal glimmering in the distance; it is an inner calling which, when accomplished,
    serves as the rite of passage into wisdom." Erden Eruç - Sep 17, 2004

    Cycling into Arizona
    10 July, 2012    36.7764N,108.6963W
    Hello fans and supporters,

    I am writing this dispatch at a roadside fast food cafe in a lovely part of the world called Shiprock, New Mexico, inside the Navajo Nation Reservation. We have taken in spectacular scenery over the last week while traveling through northern New Mexico. Today, we head into northeastern Arizona, which should provide additional natural and raw beauty.

    I met Erden on the road near Amarillo Texas one week ago and as the proverbial "sag wagon support vehicle," I have allowed him to move faster by taking the heavy loads off his bicycle. He has been maintaining 90+ mile days as a result, catching up with me at different points along the route. My providing cold drinks and fresh food allows him the proper fuel to keep moving at a faster clip. He is continuing to make his daily targets with an ambitious ETA back to Bodega Bay, CA on the 21st of July. Bodega Bay was the starting point of his circumnavigation, and hence the finish line for the same.

    Last Friday morning in Springer, New Mexico Nick Heil (www.nickheil.com) joined us to ride along and capture the story first hand. We were fortunate to spend 3 glorious weather days with Nick and thoroughly enjoyed his company along the way.

    Please see the current cycling route by clicking on the ORS button on the upper right hand corner of this homepage: http://www.oceanrowing.com/ErdenEruc/cycling2012_dist.htm

    We will be posting positioning data when we have a signal to do so. However, over the next several days, riding into remote parts of northern Arizona and southwestern Utah, then across Glen Canyon Dam, we most likely will be unable to communicate until we are in larger towns. Please be patient and stay tuned.

    Thanks to all for your support and please continue to send good vibes as we head into the final stretches of this epic five year journey.


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