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    Question - "What does having a dream mean to you?"
    Answer - "A dream is a goal glimmering in the distance; it is an inner calling which, when accomplished,
    serves as the rite of passage into wisdom." Erden Eruç - Sep 17, 2004

    Image: During the reception with Nancy Board at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner. During the reception with Nancy Board at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner.
    Image: Acceptance speech for the 2013 Citation of Merit. Acceptance speech for the 2013 Citation of Merit.
    Image: Mr. Şahap Aktaş proudly sharing our story with dignitaries of the city of Bursa. Mr. Şahap Aktaş proudly sharing our story with dignitaries of the city of Bursa.

    So much to say!
    June 26, 2013    
    I have been silent for quite some time. March through May was a whirlwind of travel and much introspection in between. While I knew that I would have changed, I was not ready for how difficult the reintegration process would be. I feel that I am a work-in-progress since I returned to Bodega Bay on July 21, 2012. That work may not be finished until I sit down and begin the cathartic challenge of writing a book about it.

    Foremost among the news to share is that Dannul Dailey will now be the filmmaker for our upcoming documentary: “Castaway with Purpose.” You can follow our progress in the documentary at this dedicated website. I will also be posting regular dispatches here about the film work going forward. Please expect a KickStarter Campaign announcement from us. Our goal will be to raise sufficient funds to turn hundreds of hours of footage into an enjoyable narrative for our audience.

    Equally as important is that Kevin Mullarky has joined our Board of Directors. He is a Captain for the Argosy Cruises in Seattle and a school teacher. An educator with the spirit of a mariner, he will be a wonderful addition to our board.

    I received the 2013 Citation of Merit from the Explorers Club during their annual dinner at the Waldorf Astoria on March 16th. It was an honor to share the stage during the award ceremony with the likes of James Cameron and Senator John Glenn. This formal black-tie event was also a chance to honor Nancy for her support over the last ten years -- I admit that am biased, but she looked great in her black evening dress! My expedition partner Norman Watts from DC, our directors Bill Hinsley and Graeme Welsh from Seattle each with their wives and my high school coach Al Rosner came from Boston to be part of the fanfare, all in their black dinner suits, looking sharp!!! Mr. and Mrs. David Dolben who had hosted me in Lufkin, TX during the last month of my circumnavigation, had also made the effort to join us. All of their kind presence lifted my spirits when I proudly received this award which meant so much.

    I then traveled in Turkey for five weeks through April where I sought time with my family and tried to connect with my sponsors. It was wonderful to meet the Aktaş Holding team in Bursa who were the main sponsors throughout my circumnavigation journey. The kickoff event for their 75th year anniversary series was a gathering of dignitaries of the city of Bursa to honor my circumnavigation journey. They had a gallery of images from my journey where together with the chairman of their board, Mr. Şahap Aktaş, I was able to entertain their guests before my presentation. I am forever grateful for their enduring enthusiasm.

    In May, fellow Explorers Club member Jut Wynn hosted me and arranged for me to speak in Flagstaff, AZ. Local snowshoe, crampon and traction wear manufacturer Kahtoola kindly sponsored the event. I then attended the Telluride Mountain Film Festival where we held a joint presentation with Jason Lewis, the only other person in history to have accomplished a human powered circumnavigation. Nick Heil was moderating, who is now the Editorial Director of Outside Online. Nick had written the feature article in the February issue of the Outside Magazine, mentioned below.


    (A) Television: Evening Magazine program of King5 TV channel in Seattle aired a story about my journey on Feb 5th. Here is the LINK. When I was in Washington, DC in May to visit our experts in ocean currents and climatology at Jenifer Clark’s Gulfstream, they connected me with David Owens at WUSA9 for his GAME ON spot (starting at 0:30). The same story was later picked up by the USA TODAY website.

    (B) Print: The February issue of Outside Magazine had a 9-page feature article about my journey. Outside Magazine was also kind to include me in their roster of 2013 Adventurers of the Year.

    A bit more boring read is my factual summary of the journey.

    More to follow...


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