Image: KK, ABC and EG KK, ABC and EG

The Team
Avery B. Chumbley (ABC), has successfully climbed all the hills and plunged all the valleys in his native home of Illinois. Needing further challenges, he moved to the foot of Haleakala, where he one day hopes to sight the legendary Hawaiian god roping the Sun in the crater.

Kevin Kuroda (KK), is the expedition safety and medical expert. Upon meeting ABC and EG, he quickly realized that any mishap with only these two Einsteins in the party would only lead to certain death. So he took it upon himself to learn how to forcefully say "Don't do that!" in Swahili, and apply band-aid strips for all cuts, scratches and compound fractures.

Eric Hamakawa (EG), is just along for the ride. Although he has put in serious training hours going from his front door to the mailbox daily, he figures one can only be so fit. On this expedition, he hopes not to bring shame to the good family name, because the resulting hari kari on the mountain slopes in Tanzania might prove messy for the porters who will have to carry his carcass out.

Previous Dispatches

Day 1 - On to Maui    October 4, 2005
Kevin and Eric fly to Maui because in the International Trekking business, all successful expeditions begin in Maui. Keep reading and you'll soon find out why.

We gather at Base HQ in Waik


Fire Dance    October 4, 2005
The night prior to departure we celebrated at the Waikapu river, It included beverages, bonfire and the customary fire dance.


The Fig Newton    October 4, 2005
Okay, who remembers the Big Fig selling his Newtons? This was one of the best commercials and had us all singing and doing the dance. Probably drove my parents nuts with the constant refrain.