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Day 1 - On to Maui
October 4, 2005    1
Kevin and Eric fly to Maui because in the International Trekking business, all successful expeditions begin in Maui. Keep reading and you'll soon find out why.

We gather at Base HQ in Waikapu for the official send off party down at the stream. Tony Takitani, Reny and Carla Platz, and Anders Lyons help us toast to the gods of good fortune and first class flying. Anticipation and spirits are high.

We burn a few pallets, and wet our whistles as we talk about expeditions past.

Previous Dispatches

Fire Dance    October 4, 2005
The night prior to departure we celebrated at the Waikapu river, It included beverages, bonfire and the customary fire dance.


The Fig Newton    October 4, 2005
Okay, who remembers the Big Fig selling his Newtons? This was one of the best commercials and had us all singing and doing the dance. Probably drove my parents nuts with the constant refrain.

1D    October 4, 2005

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