Charity & Support

PLEASE....... don't just click off this page without reading at least some of it........Please!

It is important because once I'd decided to undertake this journey to the North Pole, I also decided to put a process into place to raise some money for a charity along the way & I do need a little bit of help from you on this. I decided to stick with the charity that our business supports, the ACTION BREAST CANCER Awareness Programme run by the Irish Cancer Society.

For my Dec 07 South Pole expedition, some very good people helped me out with some very generous large donations & I'm very conscious about 'going back to the same well again' & I'd feel awkward about expecting them to step forward in the same manner. So, I'm not expecting them to support me in the same way but they are of course free to 'click' on the 'Donate' button & drop a few Euros into the box & it will be appreciated.

Please also remember that every cent collected goes directly to Action Breast Cancer & that as usual I am paying all of my own expenses for this expedition.

ACTION BREAST CANCER (ABC) is an Awareness Raising Programme of the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) & it is Ireland's leading provider of breast cancer information & support. Each year they reach over 25,000 women who are concerned about breast cancer. They work tirelessly to ensure that everyone affected by breast cancer receives the highest standards of treatment, support & care & to improve the quality of life of people living with breast cancer. Medical evidence proves that early checking & early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery & survival. Through our business & by also engaging the support of our nationwide customers we have worked with the ABC team throughout 2008 during which we raised �83,000 - a big 'Thank You' to all of the people in our business, our customers & to Jill Clark, Jim O'Malley & the team at the Irish Cancer Society.

This time due to the time pressures & other difficulties involved, I decided to bring one Key Charity Supporter on board & whilst I had a short list of 2, I was lucky that my first port of call came through with a commitment.

I want to publically say a big 'Thank You' to AUDI Ireland & their 17 Dealers Nationwide for their support on this fund raiser. In particular I'd like to thank Alicia O'Connor & John Hayes for their vision in understanding the natural fit between what I'm undertaking & the AUDI brand itself. It is commendable, considering the extremely difficult trading conditions that the Irish motor industry is currently going through, that John & AUDI Ireland stuck with their commitment to support this venture.

AUDI Ireland doesn't need me to sing their praises for them but, they are pretty good at defending their own corner in these difficult times. The combined strengths of world class products & great people in their business have seen them out-perform the other premium car brands in this market over the recent turbulent period.

'Audi is a manufacturer of exquisite cars - attractive, sophisticated & technically perfect. Our success stems from creativity, commitment & enthusiasm. The wishes of our customers are the guiding principal behind our approach. We strive to lead the way with our innovations & to set new standards which substantiate our brand claim of �Vorsprung durch Technik� ( Audi Ireland website 2009 - )

There is a natural synergy between our business, the Irish Cancer Society & Audi Ireland in so far as the core values of Credibility, Integrity, Trust & Respect run deep throughout each organisation. In these challenging times, when our own people, our customers & the wider community are looking for clear & positive minded, strong leadership, these qualities & core values are more important than ever before. In the boom times it is easy to be generous in helping others but in the difficult times, that help is needed even more, right across every sector in our society. Don't misunderstand me. I'm not on a crusade to 'save the planet' or cure cancer forever. I'm just using my influence & skills to coordinate an initiative that will make a difference to someone's life.

While I'm at it, I might as well thank a few more people who have helped out in varying ways. Web links are in the 'Contact' tab.

The Irish Flapjack & Muffin Company - Thanks Ian for the supply of 150 of the 'Worlds Best' flapjack bars. Flapjack bars are fantastic for nutrition & energy ...... we'll munch our way to the Pole.
MarnaDesigns - Thanks Martina for sorting out the branding badges for clothing etc. Martina designs the best wedding dresses in the world & if I ever get married again, I'll even wear one myself!
AllMono - For supplying a new custom finished, high tech, bomb proof 'Storm' case for all my camera & comms kit. It will be severely tested in the Arctic conditions!
ProntaPrint, Walkinstown - for producing the Audi promotional material.

Kim & Imelda from our Business Development Team for helping me get the Charity Initiative together along with the 'techie' support as well as for minding the 'shop' & allowing me to disappear for another few weeks on another of my big challenges.

Tom & the Team - Tina (No, they're not a sixties tribute band!) at for supplying & supporting the website & comms.

My departed Mom & Dad for being my Mom & Dad, being there for me & making me what I am. It's all your fault!........ only kidding & I know you're after me.

Farmer Joe for letting me haul my tyres around his hilly field next door to our house. Each lap was exactly 1km & I did countless number of laps over the past 10 weeks in all weathers. The furrow I'd worn was nearly 2mts deep!

Last on the list but first in so many other ways - the current Mrs Dempsey, Joyce. 36 years is a long time to have put up with me & there is a fair chance you'll have to do another 36 years. Thank you for all your support. Oh!..... nearly forgot our 2 sons Ian & Sam. Ian is enjoying his year out & travelling the world with Maeve & Sam is working hard at his Architecture studies.

Thank you all for your help & if everyone else can click on the 'DONATE' button, you'll have done your bit too.