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Gary Swain

A couple of interesting links regarding the climb
Hi Evereyone... Here are a couple of links to a couple of storys about our climb... Be sure to visit (New England Organ Bank) and sign up to be an organ donor!




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Photo's of our Summit of Gray Peak   
Here are a couple of pictures from the summit of Gray Peak, 14,278 feet.
Enjoy! I Did....


9:20 this morning we made the summit of Gray Peak!!! What a climb! It was tough going as my Oxygen Saturation levels were very very low. We measured my O2 Sat at 13,300 feet and it was 64 with a heart

13300 feet    18 Aug, 05 - 08:20
Quick stop, short of breath. O2 Sat 64, pulse 135.....Woo Woo!