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Gary Swain

13300 feet
18 Aug, 05 - 08:20    
Quick stop, short of breath. O2 Sat 64, pulse 135.....Woo Woo!

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Early morning view of Gray and Torreys    18 Aug, 05 - 07:00
You can see Gray on the left, 14278 feet and Torreys on the right, 14267 feet. We are going to climb these?


Sunrise    18 Aug, 05 - 06:00
Here we are aroud 6 am after starting out at 4:40 am. Sunrise was spectacular! The sun rising over our backs as we made our way towards Gray Peak.

Summit!    Aug 18, 2005
As of 9:20am this morning Gary summited Gray's Peak in Colarado (14,270 feet). Update coming soon!

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