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Gary Swain
Image: SummitofGray SummitofGray

9:20 this morning we made the summit of Gray Peak!!! What a climb! It was tough going as my Oxygen Saturation levels were very very low. We measured my O2 Sat at 13,300 feet and it was 64 with a heart rate of 135. I can tell you that it was not the lowest O2 sat of the climb as there times where I had nothing in me. Nothing at all. These were the moments where I didn't think I could go on, but dug deep and just followed my cousin Michael's pace. He set the pace which was the trick. I could not have made it without his expertise and help. Stepping onto the summit of Gray was an overwhelming experience for me. The emotions hit me like a truck! It will take some time to sort out all the feelings and when I do, I will make them known. What a view from here! 360 degrees of unimaginable beauty that even a camera cannot capture. I looked over at Torrey's Peak, only another half an hour away and 11 feet lower than we were standing and said that there is no need. Gray was hard enough. Climbing down into the saddle and back up would have been too much for me at that point and the shear emotions of making it to 14,278 feet was enough for me! Thank you Michael for making this happen. It would not have been possible without you. I also want to thank my Doctors, Mass General Hospital, the New England Organ Bank and Guidant for their support and care.

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13300 feet    18 Aug, 05 - 08:20
Quick stop, short of breath. O2 Sat 64, pulse 135.....Woo Woo!


Early morning view of Gray and Torreys    18 Aug, 05 - 07:00
You can see Gray on the left, 14278 feet and Torreys on the right, 14267 feet. We are going to climb these?


Sunrise    18 Aug, 05 - 06:00
Here we are aroud 6 am after starting out at 4:40 am. Sunrise was spectacular! The sun rising over our backs as we made our way towards Gray Peak.

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