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The day Leila got us a plane to Leticia
Sep 05, 2005
Guys, we are here. But it wasnŽt easy. Yesterday morning, the airline reported bad weather as usual, and Leila decided weŽd stray to the Bogota Sunday flea market for a few hours. Some of the stuff th...First dip in the Amazon
7 Sep, 05
At 3 pm we boarded the Queen and took a 30 minute ride to Peru. Took care of visa and ship paperwork - the local kids were a bit surprised when we joined them for our first muddy dip in the river. Lat...Monkey business
8 Sep, 05
Only 2 days out and already we are running  out of time. Are doing shore stops at jungle places - gettting  souvenirs from tribes, feeding hundreds of wild monkeys, and swimming in the river. Last nig...5 fish for a woman
10 Sep, 05
The fish in America is nothing compared  to the fish in the Amazon, Jose told us.  20-30 kg each, if you catch 2 you don't  have to work for a whole month. 5 of them will get you a good woman.

11 Sep, 05
A very hot day landed us at the small village of San Pablo. Kids had built a mudslide into the water and we joined them. They roared with laughter in shock and awe at three fat tourists in the mud. 30...Capsized!
12 Sep, 05
A glorious morning found us on another sandbank in the middle of the river. 30 minutes later disaster struck. We had just cast away at around 6 am and headed south. Our last full day on the Queen, we ...Storm on the Amazon
13 Sep, 05
A few hours after the capsize, we anchored by an Israelite village. The setting  was straight out of a Betlehem Hollywood movie: The women wore long blue headcovers, the men had braided hair and beard...Out of the Amazon!
14 Sep, 05
The last evening in our overdue stay on the Queen was spent in another party with our new Colombian friends. Games and charades, which turned hilarious when lost in translation. 

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