Image: Monkey business Monkey business

Monkey business
8 Sep, 05    0349.0000S,07007.3000W,86M
Only 2 days out and already we are running out of time. Are doing shore stops at jungle places - gettting souvenirs from tribes, feeding hundreds of wild monkeys, and swimming in the river. Last night we stopped at Phil`s and Lelia`s jungle farm - a scene right out of a Hollywood movie.

A keeper came running with some bad news - 20 out of 40 chicken have died. In fact, 3 passed away only in the few hours we were there. We shot a pic - next we know the chicken is legs up. It`s a mystery - the trials of pioneering a farm in the Amazon.

Bugs came out in the clammy, hot night. We all have sores and bites. Early morning, heavy rains eased up the thick air. At 5 am, we took down the hammocks and started collecting rainwater in buckets.

A short trek after breakfast took us to American Sara, who lives all alone in the forest with 8 monkeys. Will set up a website for her.

Navigation is really tricky now - the depthfounder shows 3 to 0 meters below shaft. We have a canal ahead that could be closed off completely. If so, we`ll have to turn back. It`s after lunch and the girls are dancing Samba on deck. Tom is on the roof scouting the river. The Captain looks tense.

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