Image: Salsa in the Amazon Salsa in the Amazon

5 fish for a woman
10 Sep, 05    0357.0000S,07056.3000W,90M
The fish in America is nothing compared to the fish in the Amazon, Jose told us. 20-30 kg each, if you catch 2 you don't have to work for a whole month. 5 of them will get you a good woman.

We spend the days visiting villages and navigating the river. The food onboard is exquisite thanks to Alberto. We drink Amazon rainwater and bake our own rainwater bread. We talk about wars, the guerillas and chat to Phil`s American friends in US over the radio.

Last night we anchored at one of the new sand islands formed by the shallow waters; "Isla Tina". We collected driftwood and then the party was on: Salsa, Samba, rom, bonfiree and a starry night.

Tom and I took our tent to shore and spent the night. The crocodiles wouldn't come there from the riverbank 50 ft away Jose figured.

The night was not smooth. A heavy rain arrived. Estrella, our Rhodesian ridgeback shipdog who had rolled herself in bird spilling earlier, forced
herself into our tent to escape the rain. The space was small and the stench unbearable, but we couldn`t get her out. The rain went through the canvas and collected in our sorry camp. Somethin clammy straddled Tina`s face. The flashlight revealed the zipper to the tent entrance had ripped and a number of frogs had now had joined our crew.

Hungover, smelly and tired - we boarded the ship again at dawn, to continue our little Amazon adventure.

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