Image: Fishing  the Amazon river Fishing the Amazon river

11 Sep, 05    0352.0000S,07123.000W,102M
A very hot day landed us at the small village of San Pablo. Kids had built a mudslide into the water and we joined them. They roared with laughter in shock and awe at three fat tourists in the mud. 30 minutes later we were all dirty and wet, the water was insanely filthy. But we survived.

This morning Jose took us fishing to prove his case from yesterday. We got to throw nets and Tom caught 3 fish. They made a nice breakfast but Tom will still have to work next month.

Visited also the Lepra hospital. Talked to one of the patients; Carlos (86). He`d been there since the age of 23 - the second world war. "We just sit here," he said. "Honestly, we are bored to death." We gave him money to have a beer on us tonight. In return, Carlos offered the scoop on Che Guevara. "He swam across the river to the other shore - but that was after a party. Had nothing to do with no Lepra settlement. That one was further up the river anyway."

Then Carlos went silent and petted the dog whith a hand stripped of fingers. The dog didn`t even notice, she just enjoyed the scratch.

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