Image: Drying the clothes in the mud Drying the clothes in the mud

12 Sep, 05    0352.5500S,07127.0300W,108M
A glorious morning found us on another sandbank in the middle of the river. 30 minutes later disaster struck. We had just cast away at around 6 am and headed south. Our last full day on the Queen, we chatted over coffee on deck when all hell broke loose.

The boat swirled in a violent drift and we tilted. Stuff went flying overboard and we were tossed like puppets to one side. Gear floated away. We barely made it to shore as water rushed into the hull.

Anchored at a mudbank, we started collecting our stuff and carried it on land. People were pretty shocked. Lucky enough we suffered no damage.

What happened was that a section of deep water boarded to a shallow bank right where the drift hit almost 5 knots. The drift threw us boardside straight on the underwater sandbank.

"The rivertrap" said the locals who had come rushing to our aid in canoes. We dried our stuff best we could, emptied the boat of water and checked for damage. But it all ended well and a few hours later we were back on the water.

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