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Plans For Climb Shaping Up
28 Oct, 05 - 14:03    
We're beginning to get a picture of how the climb might shape up. But I won't ruin the suspense by outlining the next week or so. Ok - so I'm a tease.

Woke to a bright but cold (21 degree) morning.

Pat had a very bad night. Some evil bug invaded his GI tract. He was very ill all night. By morning he'd bottomed out and has spent all day in his tent recovering (though he did participate in the Puja). He should be on "limited duty" tomorrow. Thankfully this came at the very beginning of our climbing period - he should have no trouble catching up.

We had our Puja this morning. A Lama from Pangboche came up to officiate @ the 2-hr ceremony. It is done prior to starting up the mountain. It is a Buddhist ceremony of thanksgiving and making off

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Greetings From Ama Dablam Base Camp    27 Oct, 05 - 14:18
Said goodbye to our trekking staff this morning & gave them our heartfelt thanks & tips. These guys work a lot for not very much.

The hike to Base Camp (BC) was more of a workout than expected


See Yesterday    26 Oct, 05 - 14:04
Pretty much the same program today. Woke up to a sunny, cold morning, had our "bed tea" and washing water before breakfast.

Our hike today went just up. We went just over 2,000 vert


Again Time To Acclimatize    25 Oct, 05 - 14:33
Today was a combination acclimatization and rest day. We've come up to 14,000' pretty directly with just the one "rest" day in Namche. Everyone is doing fine with the elevation b

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