Image: Off Go Loren & Cameron Off Go Loren & Cameron
Image: Team Breaks @ 17k - Route Behind Team Breaks @ 17k - Route Behind
Image: Close-up From Camp 2 To Top Close-up From Camp 2 To Top

Goodbye To Loren & Cameron - Hello ABC
29 Oct, 05 - 14:59    
After breakfast Loren, Cameron, Tashi, and Cameron's 2 porters left. A weepy time was had by all. They went to Namchi today, then will go to Lukla, and from there to Kathmandu and then home.

Pat has returned to the land of the living, but took it a bit easy today. He'll be full speed from here on out.

The rest of us climbed up to Advance Base Camp (17,500') for an acclimatization climb. We got a good look at the 3 camps, and our route.

Looks gnarly.

On my way back to B.C., I ran into Pat at 16,000' - looked good. We went down from there together. Witnessed a rugby game between the Aussies who summited yesterday and their staff. Not what you expect to find at 15,000'

Tomorrow is a rest day. We'll be paring down our gear so we can go as light as possible on the climb. Due to weight restrictions , I won't be able to send dispatches while we're above Base Camp - unfortunate, since that IS the main event.

Tomorrow we'll also be sending climbing gear and food to Advance Base Camp by yak - saving us from having to carry it up that first 2,500'. Beyond that, though, we're on our own.

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We had our Puja this morning. A Lama from Pangboche came up to officiate @ the 2-hr ceremony. It is done prior to starting up the mountain. It is a


Plans For Climb Shaping Up    28 Oct, 05 - 14:03
We're beginning to get a picture of how the climb might shape up. But I won't ruin the suspense by outlining the next week or so. Ok - so I'm a tease.

Woke to a bright but cold


Greetings From Ama Dablam Base Camp    27 Oct, 05 - 14:18
Said goodbye to our trekking staff this morning & gave them our heartfelt thanks & tips. These guys work a lot for not very much.

The hike to Base Camp (BC) was more of a workout than expected

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