Image: Getting The Gear Ready For Yaks Getting The Gear Ready For Yaks
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The Quiet Before the Storm
30 Oct, 05 - 13:26    
This morning we pulled together food & gear to be sent up by yak to Advance Base Camp (ABC). From ABC, our 2 climbing sherpas hefted most, if not all that gear to camp 1. Two trips per sherpa, a yak load per trip for each one. Incredible!

The rest of the day we just chilled - sometimes quite literally. When the afternoon fog hit, the temperature plummeted to the low 20's. It's 15 degrees now.

Tomorrow we'll be going up to camp 1 & sleep there as a way of furthering our acclimatization. The next morning we'll climb most (or maybe all) the way to camp 2. Then we'll come all the way back down to Base Camp for 1 or 2 days of (probably active) rest before making our final bid for the summit.

I can't take my phone & computer beyond Base Camp, so there will be no dispatch tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes the following day.

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Goodbye To Loren & Cameron - Hello ABC    29 Oct, 05 - 14:59
After breakfast Loren, Cameron, Tashi, and Cameron's 2 porters left. A weepy time was had by all. They went to Namchi today, then will go to Lukla, and from there to Kathmandu and then home.

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We're beginning to get a picture of how the climb might shape up. But I won't ruin the suspense by outlining the next week or so. Ok - so I'm a tease.

Woke to a bright but cold

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