Image: Rocky Route Between ABC & Camp 1 Rocky Route Between ABC & Camp 1
Image: Camp 1 On Rocky Slope Camp 1 On Rocky Slope
Image: Fixed Lines To Camp 1 Fixed Lines To Camp 1

10/31 - Trip to Camp 1 A Tough Haul

We left base camp at 9:30, moved reasonably, and reached Advance Base Camp @ 12:30. Moved up to our cache @ 18,000' by 1:00.

We loaded our packs w/boots & crampons, and put on our harnesses (the last stretch to Camp 1 is a steep boulder climb with fixed lines).

It was much colder on the way up than it was when last we climbed to ABC. Even though it was sunny, a biting wind made it really chilly.

Got to camp 1 @ 3:30 - 6 hrs and 4,000 rough vertical feet (1,000 of which was boulder scrambling).

Life in the upper camps is way different than at Base Camp. The tents are on rocky platforms just large enough for the tent. We are packed 3 per tent. Each tent has its own little butane/propane cartridge stove for melting snow for water. The sherpas deliver bags of snow.

Everyone arrived healthy, but really tired. 4,000 vertical feet elevation gain when you're already starting at 15,000' is huge - especially given the rough terrain the last 1,000' or so.

When we make our final summit push, getting to camp 1 as efficiently as possible will be key.

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