Image: Puffy Robin - Looks Better Now Puffy Robin - Looks Better Now
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Goodbye to Scott/Summit Plans Form
2 Nov, 05 - 13:41    
At breakfast, Robin came in looking like a chipmunk hoarding nuts for the winter (at least on one side of his face). Carl had told him the previous evening to expect to wake up to swelling, but we were kind of surprised at the extent of it. It should go down as the antibiotic kicks in. Right now it appears to be more of a nuisance than a worry, and there's no reason to believe he can't or shouldn't climb.

Shortly after breakfast, Scott left with his two sherpani porters (Nima & Dafhuti - sisters) carrying his gear. The team gave him a warm send-off. It's tough to make the decision Scott did.

Because of the tight tent space at camp 2, George has decided we'll climb in 2 groups.

Selecting which clients climb in which group really ended up being easy. Robin needs an extra rest day to let the antibiotics do their stuff,putting him in group 2, and Pat (one of our doctors) volunteered to stay back to monitor him - not that we expect any last-minute complications. Scott would have been in group 2 to give him an extra day of rest.

So the summit push for group 1 starts tomorrow, lead by Jeff and one of our climbing sherpas - Kami - with myself, Carl, and MG making up the rest of the team.

Group 2 (George, Ahn Passong, Robin, and Pat) will take an additional rest day and start up on the fourth.

Schedule for group 1 is:
Base Camp to Camp 1 - 11/03
Camp 1 to Camp 2 - 11/04
Camp 2 to Camp 3 - 11/05
Summit Day & Dn To 2 or 1 - 11/06
Back to Base Camp - 11/07

So the earliest you will get another dispatch from me will be the evening of 11/07, or the morning of 11/08 depending on how trashed I am.

Group 2's schedule is planned to be 1 day behind grouo 1's.

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