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"Easy Days" Come Hard In Post-Climb Let-Down
10 Nov, 05 - 10:52    
Yesterday's 3-1/2 hr descent from Ama Dablam Base Camp seemed like days, especially when we again had to bushwack up 500' of thick brush, traverse a few hundred yards, then bushwack back down. We've done it twice, still can't figure out why. I think the Sherpas are funning with us.

Lots of grumbles on the trail, but things lightened up quickly at the lodge over a brew or three.

Today we had to go up. The trek to Lobuche was pleasant. Nice day, not too cold, good trail. But it was up. People were pretty lethargic.

It's nice to be doing something different rather than re-tracing our steps home, but it is still hard to generate much energy to go up.

Had a good day, though, and now we're sitting over our now-traditional brew or three, enjoying each other's company, and coasting towards the homeward leg.

Tomorrow we climb(yes, as in up) to one of the premier viewpoints in the Himalayas - Kala Patthar. We'll be trekking lighter & shorter too. Should be a fun day.

Then we really are headed home. We're universally excited about that.

I've added some climb pictures. Much more fun to look at once you know we're down safely.

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