Image: Everest From Kala Pathar Everest From Kala Pathar
Image: Kami Traverses Skinny Ledge Kami Traverses Skinny Ledge
Image: MG On Skinny Ice Ledge MG On Skinny Ice Ledge

A Real High For Our Last Day "On The Road"
11 Nov, 05 - 12:43    
Trekked to Gorak Shep. It was longer & rougher than I remembered. An hour into the walk (pleasant, though chilly thus far) we hit moraine. I'd forgotten about that bit. So for the next hour and a half, we were on rough "trail" - very uppy-downy.

At Gorak Shep, we took a good long rest w/soft drinks.

Then we headed up Kala Pathar. A long 1,500' above Gorak Shep to an elevation of 18,500'. Took an average of about 2 hrs to "summit" (it's trail except for a rock scramble the last 200' or so).

I think the effort of climbing high and pursuing a goal went a long way towards breaking the lethargy that had set in with the team.

Sitting and viewing what is arguably the best mountain view in the world may have something to do with it too.

Got down in under an hour, re-fueled at Gorak Shep, and ambled back to Lobuche.

We're beer or threeing again, but it will be an early night. The chopper picks us up at (gulp!) 6:30 a.m.

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